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Carrier MC/DOT For sample rate confirmation click on Help click here
Freight Bill#      e.g. 0012345


For further assistance please contact Account Payables at

Same Day/Next Day Option – 3% of Net Pay with minimum of $25.00; Carrier can be paid via ACH/Direct Deposit or via EFS Check. Same day option is paid with EFS Check, all docs must be in by 10am. Next day option is paid via ACH/Direct Deposit, all docs must be in by 2pm.

7 Day Option – 2% of Net Pay with minimum of $25.00; Carrier can be paid via ACH/Direct Deposit or via EFS Check.

14 Day Option – 1% of Net Pay with minimum of $10.00; Carrier must be paid Direct Deposit for this method. No EFS final pay option.

For quickpay please fax or email completed paperwork to (866) 384-3327 or Fees and conditions do apply. To avoid delays, Quickpay must be clearly marked on all paperwork and all deliveries must be verified free and clear of damages, shortages.

Standard Payment - Net 28: Carriers DO NOT SEND YOUR INVOICES BY REGULAR MAIL. Send invoices to Reed Transport Services, Inc. Attn: Freight Payment Dept. Email or Fax to  (866) 248-0348. Please reference RTS load# on invoice and include clear legible copy of bill of lading for freight payment to be processed without delay. RTS standard pay terms are Net-28 from receipt of clear legible copies of the carrier's invoice and all necessary bills of lading and purchase orders. RTS makes payment of all standard payment invoices on Fridays. All invoices are paid the Friday following their due date. If the Friday following your due date has passed please allow 5 business days for payment to be received before calling. Quicker terms are available with discounts but must be agreed to in writing.
Carriers Instruct your drivers as follows:
All drivers must call RTS operations at (813) 369-6500 referencing their RTS load# above for the following occurrences
1) To obtain load information 2) Report arrival and departure times at each location
2) Notify delay’s in transit that jeopardize on time deliveries based on agreed rate confirmation
3) Overages, shortages, or damages that are discovered on this shipment.
Note: Drivers must check call with RTS dispatch daily while in transit at (813) 369-6500.